Dental Trauma

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By watching these videos you should: 

  • A) Be able to describe the effects of commonly occurring trauma to the pulp and surrounding tissues 
  • B) Be able to select and record the appropriate diagnostic tests 
  • C) Recognise when operative intervention is indicated or when teeth should be monitored 
  • D) Be able to summarise the immediate management of traumatised teeth  
  • E) Be able to employ evidence based techniques to splint teeth 
  • F) Recognise the indications for indirect and direct pulp capping 
  • G) Be able to describe the indications for root canal treatment 
  • H) Be able to explain the immediate and longer term outcomes of dental trauma 
Introduction to Dental Trauma
Coming Soon
  • Fractures - Diagnoses and Management Strategies

  • Displacements - Diagnoses and Management Strategies

  • Follow Up

  • Published 11/03/2022
  • Due for Review 11/03/2024