Vaccinating children and young people

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The resources contained within this section aim to help support those who are involved with vaccinating children and young people

Information for new vaccinators

If you are new to vaccination practice you may find it useful to undertake the Promoting Effective Immunisation Practice programme for registered practitioners or for healthcare support workers. Those returning to vaccination practice may find the self-appraisal tool useful to find out what learning is most relevant to your level of knowledge and experience.

If you are an experienced vaccinator but have not previously undertaken COVID-19 vaccinations, prior to undertaking the learning specific to vaccinating children and young people you may find it useful to undertake the Core Knowledge eLearning which includes generic information pertaining to the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Scotland.

Vaccinators should ensure that they follow local educational and clinical governance arrangements in relation to knowledge and proficiency to undertake vaccination.  Proficiency assessment documents are available to support your sign-off as a vaccinator

Page Contents

You can find learning resources to support the development of vaccine specific knowledge in this section under the following headings: 

You will also find version control logs that highlights any updates made to the resources. 

Vaccinating those aged 5-11yrs
Comirnaty 10mg dose

Administration of Comirnaty® 10 micrograms/dose (Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine, Pfizer/BioNTech) to Children aged 5-11 years old​ ​Intramuscular (IM) injection technique​

To support practitioners a short video demonstrating  correct intramuscular injection technique has been produced.

Please note: Informed consent and preparation of vaccine will not be covered in this video and practitioners should refer to other specific resources on these.

Vaccinating those aged 12-17yrs
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