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Learning resources relating to specific COVID-19 vaccines

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This page contains workforce education resources relating to the COVID-19 vaccines for use in the winter vaccination programme 2023.

The JCVI statement  JCVI Statement on the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Autumn 2023 relating to vaccine deployment for the winter 2023 programme was published on 30/08/2023 and the corresponding CMO Letter 1st September CMO letter Scotland.

Vaccine deployment from the 25th September

Assuming local, legal, workforce education and clinical governance has been completed i.e. staff are proficient in relation to the vaccines deployed , a transitional switch from BA4.5 to XBB.1.5 vaccines will take place in Scotland from September 25th.
At this point:

  • Clinics will immediately cease to use BA.4-5 and switch to XBB.1.5 vaccines.
  •  BA4-5 and XBB.1.5 vaccines should not be used simultaneously at clinics

In addition for those aged 18 and over who cannot receive an mRNA vaccine, Sanofi will be available.

Workforce education resources relating to these new vaccines can be found below.

Webinar - Winter COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Update 2023

This webinar was recorded on Wednesday 20th September 2023 and provides an update for practitioners on the Winter 2023 COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Workforce Education: COVID-19 Vaccination 2023 Programme – Vaccines available from 25th September
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