Leadership capabilities - 360 feedback tool

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360° feedback gives you a more ‘rounded’ view of your personal strengths and areas for development through feedback from people that have experience of working with you on a regular basis.

What is it and what are the benefits?

It will help you to:

  • increase your self-awareness
  • enhance your personal effectiveness
  • improve your working relationships
  • identify key personal development themes for you to address
  • help with career development planning

Individuals you invite to provide you with feedback are referred to as ‘raters’ and will be categorised as one of the following:

  • manager(s) - those to whom you report (category not anonymous unless multiple managers respond)
  • reports - colleagues to whom you assign work and/or who report to you either directly or indirectly
  • peers - people who are outside your line management chain and who operate at a similar level for example your team mates, counterparts or professional associates
  • others - raters who are not peers or direct reports but work closely with you

Detailed instructions on selection criteria and how to contact them are within the 360 online tool.

What options are available to me?

There are two 360 feedback reports available to colleagues across the system in Scotland, the Leadership Capabilities 360 (LC360) and the Leading to Change 360.

Although these are similar in their design, they do have two key differences, firstly on the elements that they are assessing against and whether or not the individual will receive facilitation as part of the process.

The LC360 focuses on the Leadership Capabilities shared by health and care and is free to access by logging on to the Turas dashboard home page and selecting the Feedback app and then Leadership Capabilities Feedback Tool from your Turas Dashboard (see instructions below).  While it is strongly encouraged that everyone has a facilitated feedback session when using this tool, it is not mandatory in an effort to increase equity of access across the health and care system in Scotland.

Steps to downloading the LC360 feedback App:

  • Select Dashboard
  • Click on + Add Applications
  • Click on + Feedback
  • Return to Turas Dashboard homepage (Feedback app should now appear)
  • Click to App and Click to Sign in to Turas Learn to access Turas Feedback homepage

Steps to access the LC360 tool from Turas Feedback home page:

  • Choose Create a Personal 360 or Create a Group 360 (whichever is appropriate)
  • Click Start for the Leadership Capabilities 360 option

The Leading to Change 360 is based on the Leading to Change Leadership Profile. This profile is wide in its focus, looking at the whole person including values and ambition. The Leading to Change 360 is managed by organisations locally, each with different criteria on when to offer the tool and when facilitation capacity is available.  The tool itself is designed so that it can be used at any stage in an individual’s developmental journey, whether as a standalone intervention or as part of a wider approach.  You will need to have registered on the Leading to Change app prior to completing the 360 and it is strongly advised to that you also complete the Leading to Change Self-Assessment Questionnaire.