Care Home Undernutrition

The  Care Home Undernutrition Remote Health Pathway  has been developed for care home residents identified as being at risk of undernutrition where care home staff have implemented first line interventions and require further advice and support from the dietetic service.  The service aims to promote a holistic approach to the self management of undernutrition in care homes.

Benefits to service users and the Nutrition and Dietetic Service include:

  • Reducing the number of inappropriate referrals.
  • Reducing the time between referral and receipt of initial advice/support.
  • Reducing number of dietetic telephone calls/visits to care homes.
  • Supporting the efficient and effective use of NHS resources.
  • Strengthening care home staff knowledge and skills to enable self-management.
  • Reducing inequalities within the pathway.
  • Improving patient and clinician experience including a digital individualised care plan.
  • Ensuring faster and easier access to appropriate clinicians when needed.
  • Closer monitoring and earlier intervention to improve quality of life and more timely discharge if outcomes met.
Coming Soon

Work in progress.