Eating disorders

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This is a series of webinars to raise awareness and promote a better understanding of eating disorders in children and young people among health professionals in acute hospitals settings.

Please note that these webinars were recorded in 2021 and the PowerPoint presentations have been reviewed and updated in 2023, to reflect the change from Junior MARSIPAN to MEED.  Further details are available below.


Over the last year, the number of children and young people admitted to hospital with eating disorders has significantly increased. To raise awareness of the problem, and promote a better understanding of eating disorders among health professionals working with children and young people in acute hospitals settings, a series of three webinars were hosted:


In addition to this and in a short clip, Dr Elaine Lockhart, Consultant in Paediatric Psychiatry at NHS GGC and until recently Clinical Advisor at the Scottish Government discusses why training in eating disorders is needed now and what care children and young people with low weight and eating disorders need when admitted to paediatric wards.

Seminar 1: What are Eating Disorders?
  • Raise awareness of, and provide insight into, a range of issues that impact children and young people with eating disorders.
  • Discuss causes of eating disorders in children and young people.
  • Discuss the role of the multi-disciplinary team in supporting children  and young people with eating disorders.


  • Dr Kandarp Joshi, Consultant Adolescent Psychiatrist, NHS Grampian
  • Dr Caitlin Napier CAMHS, NHS Grampian
  • Lorraine Small Community Psychiatric Nurse, Eating Disorders Development Team, NHS Lothian
  • Dr Nicole Friedland, CAMHS, NHS Lothian

Please note that Junior MARISPAN has been replaced by Medical Emergencies in Eating Disorders (MEED) (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2022).  The PowerPoint presentations have been updated to reflect this change.

Seminar 2: MARSIPAN Guidelines and Managing Risk
  • Highlight current guidance regarding management and risk (Junior MARSIPAN)
  • Raise awareness of Junior MARSIPAN
  • Discuss refeeding syndrome, NG feeding, mealtime support and other strategies 


  • Dr Sheila Johnston, Specialty Doctor, Dudhope Young Peoples Unit, Dundee
  • Amzu Parpia, Dietitian, Dudhope Young Peoples Unit, Dundee
  • Laura Weir, Lead Dietitian Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services Centre for Child Health, Dundee
  • Amanda Dineen, CAMHS Network Liaison Nurse, NHS Tayside

Seminar 3: Management on the Ward
  • Discuss management on the ward and what paediatric staff need to be aware of
  • Helpful communication and advice for children and young people with an eating disorder 
  • Highlight the work of BEAT Eating Disorders – Support to parents/carers and the role of the BEAT Ambassador


  • Lynne Connell​, CAMHS Specialist Nurse and CBT Therapist​​
  • Amanda Dineen​, Liaison CAMHS Nurse​​
  • Lisa Malcolmson​, Liaison CAMHS Nurse​​
  • Dr Caitlin Napier​, Consultant CAMHS Psychiatrist​​
  • Joy Olver​, Consultant CAMHS Psychiatrist ​​
  • Emma Broadhurst, National Officer, BEAT Scotland
  • Ellen Maloney, BEAT Ambassador