Information for Supervisors

This page provides useful resources for supervisors

Page last updated: 07/12/2021


Supervision is a process of professional learning and development that enables individuals to reflect on and develop their knowledge, skills, and competence, through agreed and regular support with another professional. Effective supervision has multiple benefits for both the supervisee and supervisor, as well as the wider service and service users.

The Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) have an excellent section on their website which details the benefits and outcomes of effective supervision, in addition to having case studies, templates and FAQs. Please use the following link to access the webpage:

HCPC Supervision resources

Example Assessment Templates

Please click on the following links to access the assessment templates (kindly provided by the Genetics Consortium):

Trainer's and supervisor’s summary of experience

Please access our Trainer's Resume template using the following link:

Special Measures

These principles outline NES Healthcare Science approach to Special Measures in cases where either trainees, supervisors or training departments cannot demonstrate satisfactory attainment or maintenance of training standards. Please access our Special Measures guide by clicking on the link below: