Ideas to get you started

Ideas to help you share and promote National AHPs Day in Scotland.

ahps day

Take part in our #AHPsDayScot Twitter challenge:

Download one of the four #AHPsDayScot posters – each one focuses on one of the key four themes, write your message, take a photo and share:

Sign up to the national network created by Carrie Biddie and Rachael Brandreth, AHPsDay co-founders.  

The  National AHPs' Day Network  will replace the hub used un previous years. Going forward, the National AHPs' Day Network will be where we encourage people across the UK to share resources and ideas, and connect about their local plans for AHPs’ Day.   

If you are not a member of the AHP Virtual Hub  and you would like to visit the new workspace yourself once it has been launched, there are two ways to gain access:  

Change your social media profile picture to the #AHPsDayScot logo.

If you don’t use social media, what about changing you MS Team background? Click on the ellipses to change backgrounds effects, click ‘Add new’ and upload whichever logo you wish to use. Next scroll to the bottom of the background effect options and you should find your image at the bottom. 

Please do check out the @AHPScot Blog posts as a way to share ideas and your work. 

Get involved in an #AHPsDayScot Photo challenge! #celebrate 

Email and contact colleagues to say “thank you” #appreciate 

Demonstrate your AHP profession in an 'AHP' photo? #inspire 

Share images on social media that you feel represents the activity you've been involved in #connect # inspire #celebrate 

Take a picture of local areas of interest and adapt to reflect national #AHPsDay 

Which AHPs have inspired you over the years? Tweet to let others know #inspire #connect 

What inspires you about the other AHP professions other than you own? How can you #inspire our future workforce? You may want to share an interesting fact about your profession or tell folk why you love the profession you are in. 

Remember to use #AHPsDayScot #AHPsDay #celebrate #appreciate #inspire #connect and by the end of the day we will collate all of the amazing activity.  

Record a 2 minute video to share your learning from AHP research & tweet to @ahp2mintalks as a great way to #celebrate our AHP research culture in Scotland”.Share positive changes you have been made to your practice during the pandemic? It would be good to be able to share your experience and thoughts about these and which need to held onto/built on into the future #connect #appreciate