Promoting children and young people's mental health and preventing self harm and suicide

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NHS Education for Scotland (NES)

This module is for staff working in health, care and wider services who support children and young people who may be at risk of poor mental health, self harm or suicide. The aim is to help workers to understand the factors that influence mental health and resilience in CYP, engage proactively with CYP about mental health, self harm, and suicide and recognise when to seek help to support those in their care.

Assessment Attempts: Unlimited

Completion Time: 30 minutes

Version: 1

Learning Outcomes: identify ways to support mental health of children and young people, recognise signes of mental ill health in CYP, recognise the importanc eof showing that you are listening and that you care, identify ways to talk about mental health with children and young people, recognise when to refer CYP to appropriate services for support, understand the importanc eof developing trust and being honest, gain an awareness of self harm in CYP, understand the relationship between self harm and suicide risk, understand the importance of asking abotu and talking about self harm and suicide with CYP, be familiar with ways to get immediate help if you are concerend about a young persons safety.

Type: eLearning

Format: ZIP File

Audience: General audience