The IBS Remote Health Pathway has been developed for people diagnosed with IBS and referred to a Dietitian for dietary intervention to promote a holistic approach to the self-management of IBS related symptoms.

Benefits for patients and the Nutrition and Dietetic Service include:

  • Reducing the time between referral and the person receiving initial advice/support.
  • Reducing the number of dietetic outpatient visits for IBS patients.
  • Supporting the efficient and effective use of NHS resources.
  • Strengthening people's knowledge and skills to enable self management.
  • Improving patient and clinician experience.
  • Delivering care as close to home as possible.
  • Ensuring faster and easier access to appropriate clinicians when needed.
IBS 1st Line Service

We hope clinicians and patients find the Inhealthcare IBS 1st Line  Service simple and easy to use and it helps people understand their condition and better manage their symptoms.

The patient is issued with a service opt in letter and IBS RHP patient information leaflet and once the dietitian has initiated the 28-day programme, they will receive an initial e-mail welcoming them to the service and providing guidance on how to set up the Inhealthcare app.

Patients will be asked to complete an initial symptom evaluation. The same evaluation will be complete 28 days later to determine if adequate symptom control has been achieved or if further dietary intervention is required.


This information leaflet helps practitioners understand how patients use the Inhealthcare IBS 1st Line Service.

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