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The COVID-19 Remote Health Pathway has been developed to allow remote monitoring of patients diagnosed with COVID-19: either clinically OR positive test result AND symptomatic.

COVID-19 Service

We hope clinicians and patients find the Inhealthcare COVID-19 Service simple and easy to use improving early detection and intervention around the management and support of COVID-19 patients and improving patient’s confidence with technology and self-management of COVID-19.

The Inhealthcare system reviews the patient health questionnaire responses and SpO2, heart rate and temperature readings providing immediate feedback and advice specific to the patient helping them manage their symptoms. 

  • The COVID-19 Service Remote Monitoring Pathway Q&A Document provides the answers to general questions,  supporting Health and Social Care Partnerships and NHS Boards to roll-out digital remote monitoring  to support people who are dealing with a diagnosis of, and the longer terms effects of, COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Pathway Onboarding Process guide supports clinicians to onboard patients to the Inhealthcare remote monitoring COVID-19 Service.

The COVID-19 Monitoring Service guide supports clinicians to understand patient alerts, the automated advice they receive, including rationale and considerations.

The COVID-19 Monitoring Protocol recource provides clinicians with a draft  monitoring protocol for local adaptation.

The COVID-19 Patient Journey infographic supports clinicians understanding of the patient journey.


Although developed for patients, these resources are useful for clinicians supporting the use of the COVID-19 Remote Health Pathway:

The COVID Remote Monitoring - Managing your Symptoms at Home guide explains the 3 steps to using the Inhealthcare COVID Service.

The COVID Remote Monitoring Pulse Oximetry leaflet explains more about the COVID Service and how to use a pulse oximeter.

Inhealthcare useful resources
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The Using Inhealthcare for COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Clinician Guide provides a step by step guide to the inhealthcare platform's functionaility. To find out more about the Inhealthcare platform service offerings we have included two short videos of  some of the key functionaility.

The Inhealthcare COVID Service clinician view demonstrates how to enrol a patient, active services, alerts, view a patient record and communications.

The Inhealthcare COVID Service patient view demonstrates the patient questionnaire, alert triggers and notifications.

Useful reading

To find out more about the COVID-19 Remote Health Pathway view An evaluation of using Scotland's COVID-19 Remote Health Pathway, Nov 2021 report.

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