Leadership for integration

Leadership for Integration (LfI) is addressing an appetite for leadership support for health and social care integration in Scotland and creating a pool of current and potential future leaders. This is an extension of the 2016 - 2018 leadership for integration work. You can read the learning from this in the summary of learning report and learning and outcomes report.

Leadership for Integration comprises of two development opportunities for primary care and social care professionals including GPs, senior primary care professionals, and middle or senior managers in statutory, third or independent social care organisations who are working in lead roles in health and social care partnerships or localities to shape, develop and deliver integrated care.

The programme, offered in partnership by NHS Education for Scotland, the Scottish Social Services Council and the Royal College of General Practitioners (Scotland), receives its funding from the Scottish Government and has recently been extended with new cohorts commencing September 2018.

It has two parts: one programme aimed at individuals and another focusing on groups.

We are now closed for applications and will up-date this page with further up-dates.

You as a collaborative leader

You as a collaborative leader is a four-month programme for individuals, comprising of two workshops and three coaching sessions. It is based on live issues from participants, to make the learning personal and relevant. 

Focused development enhances understanding of personal leadership capabilities, strengths, and sources of resilience and how to use this awareness to recognise these in others and lead collaboratively.

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Collaborative leadership in practice

Collaborative leadership in practice is a six-month programme of group coaching and facilitation. This is to develop positive group dynamics amongst primary health care and social care professionals in localities in order to improve collaborative leadership practices for effective integrated care.

It provides the opportunity to collaboratively work on live issues in the partnership, enhancing leadership capabilities and ways of working as an integrated team.

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Programme evaluation

Evaluation documents

Leadership for Integration is showing to be an effective way to support health and social care integration in Scotland. The programme’s success is reflected in the following evaluation documents.

  • Leadership for integration midway evaluation September 2017 ( Download, 945 KB)
  • Learning and outcomes from leadership for integration ( Download, 2 MB)
  • Leadership for integration : a summary of learning ( Download, 2 MB)