Practice supervisors and practice assessors’ learning resource

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This resource has been updated and refreshed for 2024. Details of the updates and improvements can be found within this Sway presentation.

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Interactive Self Assessments for Practice Supervisor, Practice Assessor and Academic Assessor roles

These reflective self assessments are completed using Microsoft Forms and are interactive. If you supply your email address, a copy of your identified supportive resources will also be sent to you after completion. Please note: these are interactive and need to be completed in one sitting - you are unable to save partly completed forms, however, there is an option to save at the end of the completed form. Instructions on how to do this are written on each form after completion of the assessment questions. If you prefer, there are PDF versions available which can be printed and completed offline - these are available in the next section.

Self assessment form for those preparing for the Practice Supervisor role - Practice Supervisor Self Assessment

Self assessment form for those preparing for the Practice Assessor role - Practice Assessor Self Assessment

Self assessment form for those preparing for the Academic Assessor role - Academic Assessor Self Assessment

PDF versions of Reflective Self Assessments

PDF versions of each reflective self assessment are available below for printing and completion offline if required.


Note: You must be signed in to your Turas Learn account in order to view and complete the learning modules

PS/PA/AA CPD Pathway

This pathway can support you to develop your skills and prepare for new roles in supervising pre-registration nursing and midwifery students.