Self-testing for COVID-19 using a Lateral Flow Device (LFD)

Guidance resources for healthcare staff self-testing for COVID-19 using an LFD.


UPDATED - 05/11/2021

From 16th August 2021, the health and care worker testing programme has been transitioning from Innova manufactured lateral flow device (LFD) testing kits to Orient Gene LFD testing kits.

Please note information relating to Innova self-test kits will remain in place and as part of all guidance at present due to both kits being in circulation during the transition phase.

Please ensure you are using the appropriate instructions for use for each LFD testing product, as instructions differ slightly between products.

We have recently become aware that the format of the serial numbers of the testing devices in some of the batches of the Lateral Flow Device Test kits which have been supplied have a slightly different format to that which is described in the learning resources. You require the Lot and Serial numbers of the test you have performed to insert the test results on the COVID-19 Testing Results Portal

The serial number format permitted on the portal is one letter followed by eight numbers. If the serial number (found under the QR code on the testing device) has the format of three letters followed by eight numbers you should enter the first letter (in capital letter) only followed by the eight numbers.


A guide for healthcare staff self-testing for coronavirus using a Lateral Flow Device.

Please note: This is a rapidly evolving response and practitioners are asked to frequently refer to the Scottish Government website to ensure that they have access to the most current resources/guidance.