Information and key steps for COVID-19 diagnostic swab tests including self-testing.


The following resources are designed to provide you with the information and key steps to follow to obtain a swab test from people requiring a COVID-19 diagnostic swab test, including yourself if you are self-testing. They focus on the correct techniques on how to safely and correctly perform a swab test to ensure you receive the correct result.

The correct swabbing technique reduces the likelihood of a false negative result and associated implications of such a result. 

You should complete the resources that are relevant to you and the area in which you deliver care.

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Care Home Staff

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Patient-facing staff in hospitals, Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) and COVID-19 Assessment Centres

For NHS Scotland staff. 

Healthcare staff

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Visiting Professionals to Care Homes

For Adult Social Workers and Care Inspectorate Inspectors.

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Care at Home Staff

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