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The following training resources and guidance documents have been developed for NHS Scotland. This section is split into user guidance for the inhealthcare platform, general guidance that applies to all clinical specialities, and additional specialty-specific information.

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The Inhealthcare platform was procured under the emergency legislation to support the Covid-19 pandemic response and remobilisation of health services. 

In this section you will find helpful user guides to support practitioners, administrators and patients to use the Inhealthcare platform.

The Adding a Patient to Inhealthcare guide is a step-by-step guide to show practitioners how to add patients to the Inhealthcare platform.


The administrator user guide provides step by step guidance how to: manage users, manage admin centres and care facilities.


The clinician user guide is a step by step user guide for the Inhealthcare portal supporting practitioners to: log in and navigate the portal, add a patient,  start a patient service, deactivate a service and a patient record.


The patient user guide will support practitioners to provide patients with guidance on how to use the Inhealthcare App and Patient Portal.  The guide provides information on: getting started, downloading the app, enabling calendar notifications and troubleshooting.

General Guidance

Coming Soon - Work in Progress.

Specialty Specific Guidance

Coming Soon - Work in Progress.