Practitioner Services Division

How to work successfully within the rules of the NHS GDS

Important Information

Dental Advisers and Dental Reference Officers from Practitioner Services Division, NHS National Services Scotland will facilitate tutorial sessions in January and February, working in collaboration with NHS NES.

The aim of these sessions will be to create an environment where you can apply your knowledge of the rules and regulations governing NHS dentistry in Scotland and demonstrate your understanding of the SDR and the discretionary fee guide, so you can treatment plan cases appropriately. 

These sessions will be case-based tutorials and rely on you completing a number of activities prior to the session.  It is essential that you complete the pre-requisite learning activities listed below so that you are adequately prepared for your session.

* NB: For Vocational Dental Therapists, the Prior Approval and Scottish Dental Reference Service presentations are not essential, however, you may find these of interest.

Once you have completed this learning activity you will be able to:

  1. Explain the NHS (GDS)(Scotland) Regulations 2010 and its Amendments.  
  2. Interpret the sections and applications of the SDR, highlighting common pitfalls.  
  3. Describe the role of Practitioner Services within National Services Scotland (NSS) and how they can support the general dental practitioner.   
  4. Develop appropriate treatment plans for NHS general dental practice that will secure and maintain oral health. 
Additional reading

As early as possible during your training year, you should also become familiar with;