Trauma informed organisations

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Key Trauma Informed Organisations resources.

Trauma informed approaches visualisation

The NES Scottish Trauma Informed Leaders Training (STILT) training programme was created in recognition that trauma informed and responsive practice can only happen in the context of trauma informed and responsive environments, policies, systems and organisations. STILT was initially designed as a 1 + ½ day programme to support leaders of organisations to develop trauma informed systems, processes, environments and teams from top down as well as bottom up. We are currently in the process of reviewing STILT training resources in response to social distancing and plans for the new STILT programme will be announced in Autumn 2020. Some key STILT resources below.

Scottish trauma informed leaders training
Workshop descriptions

The Scottish Informed Leaders Training (STILT) workshop, the PDF “trauma informed lens tool” and the Opening doors and Sowing seeds animations are used to support managers and leaders to actively take a trauma informed lens to their own organisations and plan for change.

Organisational window of tolerance
Scottish leaders talk about creating trauma informed organisations

Shumela Ahmed, Resilience Learning Partnership:

Dan Johnson, Kibble:

Rachel Morley, NHS GGC:

Paul Main, Police Scotland:

Sandie Barton, Rape Crisis Scotland:

Gail Nowek, Education Scotland: