Resources to aid AHPs with communication.


Communication remains a key area for improvement and is often identified as an issue when there is feedback or complaints made. There are many learning resources to support improving communication but the added value of this recently updated resource 'Making communication even better' is the input from people with communication support needs (CSNs). If we can get our communication right where we might find the greatest challenges then everyone will benefit. Anyone working in a frontline public service role encountering people with CSNs will find this resource valuable. It is also for managers who are involved in the design of services. People with different CSNs share their experiences of accessing public services. Sometimes these show good practice and sometimes these result in communication barriers. Public service staff and managers must take action to eliminate these barriers and respond effectively. 

The updated resource is part of the Health Scotland learning hub which has been developed in partnership with NHS Education for Scotland, Talking Mats, deafscotland and people who have a CSN.