Making delegation safe and effective : a learning resource for nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and health care support workers

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NHS Education for Scotland (NES)

This learning resource draws on information from a range of sources, bringing together guidance from professional bodies, the law and best practice to help you access information and advice on making informed decisions about delegating tasks and about accepting tasks delegated. Opportunities to reflect on your practice are also included. It has been developed for nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and healthcare support workers working in Health or Social Care settings. The learning resource may also be relevant for any staff group where delegation is required. ** Important notice: This resource is under review and will be updated Spring 2024. **

Published: 18/01/2022

Publisher: NHS Education for Scotland (NES)

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Keywords: Learning Resources

Type: Document

Audience: Nursing, midwifery and allied health professions (audience); Clinical healthcare support workers (audience)

RightsCopyright: NHS Education for Scotland

CC License: Attribution, non-commercial Creative Commons License