The six principles

The Scottish Access Collaborative Six Core Principles

The Principles

The six key principles, agreed by the Collaborative Founding Group, that will form the basis for redesigned services and target resources to deliver the required and sustainable transformation of elective services in the future are:

  1. Patients should not be asked to travel unless there is a clear clinical benefit, and that any changes should not increase the workload for primary, secondary or social care in an unplanned/unresourced way.
  2. All referrals should either be vetted by a consultant/senior decision maker or processed via a system wide agreed pathway.
  3. Referral pathways (including self-management) should be clear and published for all to see
  4. Each hospital and referral system should have a joint and clear understanding of demand and capacity
  5. Each local system should have a clear understanding of access to diagnostics as part of pathway management
  6. Improved and published metrics including how we record and measure virtual/ tele-health / tech-enabled care