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The Promoting Effective Immunisation Practice (PEIP): Healthcare support workers (HCSWs) programme has been developed for Healthcare Support Workers (HCSWs) on Level 3 or 4 of the NHS Career Framework who work as part of a team delivering specific vaccinations as part of the Scottish Immunisation Programme.

Information guides
Aims of the programme
  • Deliver evidence based knowledge to support registered healthcare practitioners in understanding immunisation policy and practice
  • Enable practitioners to confidently, competently and effectively promote the administration of vaccines
  • Support implementation at local level of the recommendations of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), as detailed in Immunisation against ‘Infectious Disease- the Green book’

This electronic resource has been developed to provide theoretical knowledge to assist in the preparation of immunisers. There are 12 assigned units for you to complete. You must study them in order, i.e. finish unit 1 before you go onto unit 2.

Assessment process

Your satisfactory completion of the theoretical knowledge aspects of the programme will be assessed in two ways:

a. E -learning

In order to help you self -assess your progress during the programme, multiple choice questions and activities have been included in the units. Material providing evidence that you have completed these activities should be retained in your folder of evidence. Further information relating the development of a folder of evidence can be found below

It is expected that if you identify that you are not making adequate progress you will utilise the additional support mechanisms provided by your employer.

b. Folder of evidence/discussions with facilitator

On completion of the theory units, you will have a discussion with your facilitator who will review your folder of evidence and make a judgement about your theoretical knowledge. Following successful completion of the theory units you may proceed if required to assessment of clinical proficiency.

Assessment of proficiency

Before you are able to undertake vaccination practice you need to demonstrate that you have achieved the required knowledge and skills. 

Following completion of vaccine specific learning resources appropriate to the scope of your practice your achievement of clinical proficiency will be assessed in your workplace by a registered healthcare practitioner.

NES/PHS have developed proficiency assessment documents to allow you to demonstrate proficiency of both Flu immunisation and COVID-19  immunisation.

Once completed and signed off by your facilitator/supervisor you should retain in your folder of evidence and be made available to your facilitator for the final review of your portfolio

Learning Programme
Folder of evidence

You may wish to use the NES electronic portfolio to collect your evidence in order to share this with your facilitator. Any evidence collected in the online portfolio can then also be retained and used at the time of your performance development review with your line manager.

The following contains information on accessing and using the portfolio

  • NES Portfolio user guide
  • Short podcast detailing access and use of the professional portfolio