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Seasonal Flu learning resources

This resource has been developed by NHS Education for Scotland in partnership with Public Health Scotland (PHS).

Seasonal Flu Immunisation Programme

The resource is designed to support vaccinators with a variety of learning needs. 

Colleagues new to vaccination practice or returning staff who have not participated in vaccination delivery for some time may find it useful to complete all four units. Current, experienced seasonal flu vaccinators may utilise selected units as an update, where units/sections are completed as required, depending on learning needs and area of practice.

The four separate units are:

  • Unit 1: Seasonal flu
  • Unit 2: Legal aspects of vaccination administration
  • Unit 3: The Scottish adult flu immunisation programme
  • Unit 4: The Scottish child and school immunisation programme

It is advised that you discuss your individual learning needs with your employer to ensure that you are completing the correct learning to suit your needs.

Each unit has interactive activities throughout and an assessment of knowledge which requires a score of 80% or above to pass. It is designed to offer flexibility of learning depending on educational requirements and the units can be completed fully or on an individual basis dependent on learning needs.

Additional resources designed to support new and returning vaccinators include foundation/generic resources such as the Promoting Effective Immunisation Practice (PEIP) programme for new immunisers. There is also a Knowledge Self Appraisal Tool which can be utilised by more experienced vaccinators to assess existing knowledge against the National Minimum Standards and core Curriculum for Immunisation Training (PHE 2018) to enable PEIP to be tailored to your specific learning needs.  

It is important that all immunisers refer to the Green Book, Chapter 19 on Influenza and any local learning requirements set out by your employer prior to undertaking any vaccinations.

All immunisers should also ensure they have access to the latest CMO letters.

For current infection prevention and control measures please refer to current Public Health Scotland guidance  

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NES Proficiency Documents

Before you are able to undertake vaccination practice you need to demonstrate that you have achieved the required knowledge and skills.  NES/PHS have developed proficiency assessment documents for registered healthcare practitioners and for healthcare support workers.

These proficiency assessment documents should be used in practice with your supervisor/line manager and will allow you to demonstrate proficiency of both Flu immunisation and COVID-19  immunisation.


Algorithm Posters

This algorithm details the appropriate vaccine for different eligible groups