Support for GPhC Provisionally-Registered Pharmacists

This page is to support GPhC provisionally-registered pharmacists.


The GPhC registration assessment is the final requirement for GPhC registration following successful completion of the MPharm degree and pre-registration training. Due to the restrictions on public gatherings and the requirement for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the registration assessments scheduled for June and September 2020 have been postponed by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).


Pending successful completion of the rescheduled assessment, the GPhC has agreed a policy for registering pharmacists on a provisional basis to allow pre-registration trainees to begin working from 1 August 2020. This would have been the earliest start date for those who would have sat the postponed June 2020 assessment.

Provisionally-registered pharmacists must practise under the guidance and direction of a senior pharmacist, whose primary role is to provide clinical and practice support and guidance.

This support page aims to support you, the provisionally registered pharmacist and aims to provide you with:

  • support for preparing for your GPhC registration assessment

  • signposting to resources that may help you in your practice and enable you to practise competently and professionally

  • advice on registering for the NES Foundation Training Programme

  • contact e-mail addresses for the NES team for questions or pastoral care advice

  • support in terms of mental health and wellbeing


We have also set up a support page for the senior pharmacists supporting you in your role

Support for your GPhC Registration Assessment and signposting to resources that may help you

Please remember you will still have access to all the resources and materials you had as a PRPS trainee in Scotland which you can access here (please note that you will need to login to your Turas Learn account to access).

Here you will find:

  • Access to all PRPS training day materials including recorded webinars  

  • Access to all PRPS core programme resources and additional resources  

  • Access to the NES PRPS Question Bank of practice mock questions 

  • PDF copies of the 2020 NES Mock Registration Assessment 

  • Continued provision of the calculations resources 


Turas Learn

You will also still have access to your Turas Portfolio which contains your reflective evidence and uploaded achievements from your pre-registration training. You can access this by logging into your Turas account.

After your PRPS post has ended you will have view-only access and will be unable to add new evidence, or edit existing evidence. However, this evidence may be helpful during discussions to complete the risk assessments detailed by the GPhC in their guidance for employers.

If you require your senior pharmacist to get online access to view your portfolio, we can set them up as a linked trainer to your Turas account for the period you are provisionally registered - please e-mail to request this and we will send you the information we require to allow this.

You will also be able to access all of the NES Pharmacy CPD resources including those which will help you prepare for practice in community, hospital or primary care settings.

The NES PRPS Team will also update you with any communications that are relevant to provisional registration and in particular when the GPhC make any further information available about the rescheduled registration assessments. At this time NES Pharmacy will also be reviewing any further provision of a mock assessment at the point when the GPhC confirm the format and layout of the assessment. 

All provisional registrants will be required to meet the GPhC standards for pharmacy professionals and will be required to work within their areas of competence and make clear to their employer if there are specific tasks of practices that they do not feel competent to undertake. You may also find the GPhC Q&A section of the website useful to answer any questions you have about working as a provisionally registered pharmacist.

For any provisional registrant practicing  in Scotland who did not complete their pre-registration training in Scotland, please e-mail to request access to these materials.

The NES Pharmacist Foundation Training programme

As a provisionally-registered pharmacist, should I register for the NES Foundation Training Programme?

Over the coming months, undertaking and passing the GPhC Registration Assessment at the earliest opportunity should be your absolute priority.  If you are about to join the provisional register and you are thinking about registering for the NES Pharmacist Foundation Training programme then we would suggest that you find out more about the programme on the website, and then:

  • have a discussion with your designated senior pharmacist for GPhC provisionally-registered pharmacists and your employer. We would recommend that this discussion forms part of the initial risk assessment required for provisionally-registered pharmacists – taking into consideration the role you will be undertaking and your capacity to undertake further training at this time.

  • have, as identified by your employer, a suitable Foundation tutor to support you in the programme

  • (once the above two criteria are met), register for the NES Pharmacist Foundation Training programme online via the NES website, from 1st August, to start the programme on 1st Sept 2020.

You and your designated senior pharmacist will then be invited to discuss your registration onto the programme with one of the Senior Educators of the NES Pharmacist Foundation Training team to ensure that you are ready to start the training. You will also be expected to complete a learning contract and only after this would you receive the ‘Welcome Information’ for the programme.

Please be assured that if you start the NES Pharmacist Foundation Training programme on 1st September, NES will ensure that no pressure is put on you to progress through this at any particular pace and that the Registration Assessment will take priority.

For further information on the NES Pharmacist Foundation Training Programme please contact

Please view our recorded webinar below for more information on the NES support for provisionally-registered pharmacists and registering for the NES Pharmacist Foundation Training Programme:

NES Support Sessions for provisionally registered Pharmacists

We are holding a series of optional drop-in sessions for all provisional registrants to help answer any questions you may have. We will be updating you on the GPhC and NES Pharmacy assessments, signposting provisionally registered pharmacists to revision materials, and giving them the space to suggest what support is required from us. There will be a panel of pharmacists from the NES Pharmacy team to answer any questions, including taking any questions relating to the NES Foundation Training Programme.

The First Session is taking place on Tuesday 24th November at 1pm. You can register for the event using this link:

You can book onto the other sessions below

Contact e-mail addresses for the NES team for questions or pastoral care advice
Contact NES

If you would like to contact NES for questions or pastoral care advice in relation to your provisional registration, please contact


We may compile a frequently asked questions section on this page if themes are emerging.

Support in terms of mental health and wellbeing

It is important that you as a provisionally-registered pharmacist take care of your psychosocial mental health. You can visit the Psychosocial mental health and wellbeing support page on Learn for more information and resources on how to look after yourself (please login to Turas Learn to access). 

Pharmacist Support Charity

Pharmacist Support is an independent, trusted charity providing a wide variety of support services to pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists and pharmacy students.

These support services include resources to support wellbeing, an anonymous telephone service, financial assistance, specialist advice with regards to benefits/tax credits/debt/employment law, and an addiction support programme for those experiencing problems with alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating disorders or any other type of dependency.

Click on the link opposite to be taken to their website where you will find more information.

You can contact them via e-mail ( or call one of the freephone numbers: 0808 168 2233 or 0808 168 513.


Stress, coping and resilience

Pharmacy staff may feel stressed and under enormous pressure during this busy period – this is perfectly natural and indeed is a reaction to a very abnormal set of circumstances.  Please see opposite for a helpful visual to assist with Stress, Coping and Resilience (please login to Turas Learn to access).  


Useful apps

There are a number of apps which you can use to help you manage your feelings.  You may find your own that you prefer, however you will find a list of suggested apps at the end of this document on Learn (please login to Turas Learn to access).

Check the websites for individual apps for more information.

What further support do you need?
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