Tools for online delivery

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In this new normal all NES Directorates are looking to change how learning is delivered. NES Digital can support you in a range of ways.

Due to COVID-19 educators in NHS Education for Scotland are exploring options to transfer training online. To support this we have collated options for eLearning, collaborative spaces, and webinars.

See this TEL Glossary for help with terminology.

Create eLearning

On Turas Learn you can host learning in a range of formats but if you want trackable objects with quizzes etc you may want an eLearning module. This table provides details of a range of authoring tools. You need to talk to the eLearning team to agree if it can be developed in house or using an external company and consider what functionality you will need.

eLearning comparison guide

Support collaboration

Learning programmes may require participants to collaborate outside of live training sessions. These tools offer a range of functionality to help share ideas and resources, and encourage social learning.

Collaboration tools comparison grid

Host webinars/Online training

This table sets out the functionality of a range of online training tools and platforms to help you decide which best meets your needs.

Online training tools comparison grid

Online training tools for large groups comparison grid

It is important to build regular engagement into your online training to improve the learner experience. See our comparison table for a range of possible tools below.

Interaction and engagement tools for online training