Taking care of your staff

Information to help managers support the wellbeing of staff.

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Managing wellbeing

Emotional and physical wellbeing

A brief (30 minute) e-learning module “Protecting the psychological wellbeing of staff and teams for managers and team leaders”  is available here:

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The purpose of this unit is to help managers, planners and leaders of teams understand the evidence based factors that support the wellbeing of teams through crisis events such as COVID-19. It contains information about proactive strategies to protect the wellbeing of teams, and how and when to respond effectively to concerns about an individual's mental health during and after the crisis.

Who is it for:

Managers and leaders of health and social care staff teams working in COVID-19 environments.

Managers have a key role to play in taking steps to proactively preserve and support staff wellbeing and resilience, and to respond quickly and effectively to any signs that a staff member may be struggling. They also have a key role to play in leading by example, in their own self care and wellbeing.Here are some key elements to consider:

Psychological first aid e-module

The principles of psychological first aid can be used to effectively support the health and wellbeing of your staff as much as they can that of the clients they serve:

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Debriefing is not a recommended intervention for staff distress:

Psychological wellbeing podcasts

The focus of these series of resources is on promoting psychological wellbeing, including the use of Psychological First Aid (PFA) and practical strategies to protect managers and staff’s psychological wellbeing when faced with heightened stresses when at work. They have been specifically developed for managers and staff working within the care home sector.

The podcasts are based on the e-learning modules developed by NES Psychology and are overviews of the key elements for PFA and the managers wellbeing resource. The 3 podcasts are:

1. Introducing Psychological Wellbeing

2. Psychological First Aid

3. Resilience for Managers


MAP planner

In these uncertain times, our usual ways of doing things (our habits) have been interrupted; as managers and leaders, we are being asked to change how we work and how we manage and support our colleagues.  However, we know that change can be difficult, for us and the people we support, and even more so under the circumstances.  The MAP Planner, which uses evidence-based techniques, can be used to enable your staff (individually or as a team) to use the supports you have put in place and to make them stick when things are tough.