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The national postural care group, supported by NHS Education Scotland and Promoting A More Inclusive Society (PAMIS), have developed resources to provide practical help and guidance to those with postural difficulties.

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Posture is the shape our bodies form when sitting, lying, standing or moving. Many of us can adjust our position if we begin to feel uncomfortable, experience pain or recognise our position could be harmful. 

When we have a movement difficulty caused by an injury, disability or age it becomes more difficult to freely adjust our position. Our body will move in less symmetrical movement patterns leading to a weakness and asymmetry of different parts of the body.  

It is important to understand just how distorted someone’s body shape can become if the correct interventions are not put in place. This distortion can have a life threatening and life limiting impact; difficulties with breathing, eating & drinking, experience of pain and high risk of pressure care are just some of the complications. 

Your Posture Matters is a suite of resources including a strategy with guiding ambitions and recommendations, a learning framework to support educational development and promotional booklets and posters to support greater understanding of protecting people’s posture. Your Posture Matters aims to inspire service provision across Scotland to work together; a collective ambition to minimise body shape distortion for all individuals with a movement difficulty.  

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Strategy documents

Resources to support your practice

Information material to download and share 

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Two COVID-19 guides are also available – these were designed to provide information on how managing posture can maintain or enhance respiratory function of those with postural difficulties. 

Blogs and vlogs

Hear from family carers and practitioners and their support for ‘Your Posture Matters’  

Amanda, NHS Fife

Annalise AF Family Pamis Video

Norma and Barnes

Norma, Community OT, Edinburgh City

 NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Children and Young people’s Physiotherapy team  

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Children and Young People’s Physiotherapy team and young people

Family carer discussing posture

The legacy of Craig Whinnett

NHS Lanarkshire LD physio team demonstrating supported lying

Michelle's mum's metastatic breast cancer diagnosis led to bone deterioration and reduced mobility

Barnes discusses NHS Lothian work

NHS Lanarkshire Your Posture Matters Learning Disability Physios discuss posture

NHS Lanarkshire Your Posture Matters Learning Disability Physiotherapists discuss posture

Gill from Pamis discusses posture

Online toolkit
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Get involved in showing your support for Your Posture Matters by using the resources in our online toolkit.

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