Respiratory and breathlessness

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This page will direct those AHPs working with people with respiratory conditions and contains information, resources and guidance for the people they work with and also to support their own practice.

Resources to support your practice
  • The Coronavirus COVID-19 site on TURAS Learn has a section covering Respiratory Physiotherapy. The Scottish Physiotherapy in Critical Care Practice Development Group created a series of online learning modules to support staff managing patients with respiratory conditions within an in-patient setting, about to commence on-call, or who wish to update their skills. The content of some of the modules is generic and would be relevant to staff from a range of professional groups.
  • You will find other generic resources available in the Assessment and care section which you may find useful in supporting your practice including a helpful video on proning patients.
  • The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care have useful resources, information and guidance to support your practice.
  • The British Thoracic Society has a range of helpful resources to support your practice and provide information for the people who use our services.
  • The University of Edinburgh has offered free access to modules on FutureLearn. This is aimed at members of the multi-disciplinary team and covers COVID-19 specific critical care, ventilation and organ support, self care and staff wellbeing.