This page will direct those AHPs working with people living with dementia and their families and the wider workforce to information, resources and guidance for the people they work with and also to support their own practice.

The AHP approach

These are resources, which are being shared across health and social care, are being supported by Elaine Hunter (Alzheimer Scotland, AHP Consultant) & Alison McKean (Alzheimer Scotland, National AHP Post Diagnostic support). They may also be useful for staff deployed to work in areas where they’re having increased contact with people living with dementia and those who support them. We know people living with dementia benefit greatly from a biopsychosocial approach of care therefore the AHP approach takes this into account. Each element of the AHP approach in dementia is described separately but must be considered collectively within AHP interventions. The evidence informing this AHP approach can be found here.

‘When we get things right for people with dementia, we get them right for everyone – as they are clear, uncluttered, structured and create routine.’ 

Information and resources
  • This set of 5 short learning bytes were designed to support staff working in care homes however they will be useful for anyone who wishes to learn about dementia or refresh their knowledge.
  • Guidance for people with dementia and carers. This downloadable Coronavirus guidance (select 'view our guidance') is for people living with dementia in community settings. It is clearly set out and has information around social distancing and how to stay well. This can be downloaded and printed or shared electronically.
  • The Delirium resource, half way down the Turas Learn COVID-19 Clinical practice page, is aimed at supporting people across all care settings to identify, prevent, manage and support people presenting with delirium.
Dementia together
  • Connecting People Connecting Support online: Elaine Hunter (@elaineahpmh) and Alison McKean (@AliAHPDem) at Alzheimer Scotland have been working with Prof Claire Craig and Helen Fisher at Lab4Living Sheffield, Hallam, to develop and build on their digital offer. This interactive online digital resource is evidence based and includes information on routines and activities with new posts on a Tuesday and a Friday and is shared also at @AHPDementia. A print at home version is available and email Elaine at if you would like to test the resource.
  • Occupation Matters to ME eBook: the photographs included in this eBook offer a unique and personal insight into the lives of seven people living with dementia. It aims to capture occupations (activities) identified by members of the Scottish Dementia Working Group that are important to them and which sustain their connection with families, friends and communities. You can follow the group at @S_D_W_G.
  • Promoting Excellence has education and resources to support working with people living with dementia.
Dementia helpline
  • Online Advice: 'Ask an Occupational Therapist' and 'Ask a Physiotherapist’ online advice sessions are hosted by Alzheimer Scotland on a weekly basis using NHS Near Me.  These drop in sessions are for people living with dementia, family members and supporters (including staff members) for practical advice and signposting to resources.  There is also the option to connect via the 24 hour freephone Dementia Helpline on 0808 808 3000.
  • Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG) are a group run by people with dementia and funded by Alzheimer Scotland and the Scottish Government. They operate independently as a national involvement group for people with dementia within Alzheimer Scotland. The SDWG have been central in developing the following resources: 

Post Diagnostic Resource: a peer to peer resource produced jointly in 2018 by SDWG members and Alzheimer Scotland Occupational Therapy Interns.

Top Tips Booklet: a booklet of ‘top tips’ for people living with dementia, produced by Alzheimer Scotland Occupational Therapy interns based on input from SDWG members.

Dementia and Sensory Challenges: a resource produced by SDWG member Agnes Houston, covering the sensory issues that can emerge as a result of a dementia diagnosis.

The National Dementia Carers Action Network (NDCAN) is a network of unpaid carers and former carers from across Scotland who all have experience of caring for someone with dementia. NDCAN exists to strengthen the voice of carers of people with dementia and to raise awareness of the issues that impact on them. NDCAN developed a series of eight booklets explaining what has helped carers of people with dementia to get through the day and cope with difficult times. These booklets offer words of encouragement, tools and tips. They are not professional advice guides. Rather, they are the things that have worked for NDCAN’s carers and other carers across Scotland.

  • Social media: @AhpDementia. A tweet offering a hint or tip is posted every day by a group of allied health professionals. The tweet content follows the areas outlined in the AHP approach in dementia outlined above. During this time the Sunday tweet will be changed to a blog post. This will be previous blogs which offer practical help to people living with dementia and resources that could be helpful when people are at home.
  • Here is the latest blog from Elaine and the team.
AHP Dementia series : Webinars
Dementia webinars


At the beginning of June we held a series of webinars exploring various topics relating to dementia with a specific focus on AHP practice.

Enhancing lives through technology

Guest Presenters: Helen Cronin and Emma Ingram, occupational therapists, NHS Grampian

Date of live session: 1st June 2020

Staying physically active during Covid

Guest Presenters: Lynn Flannigan, Improvement Advisor HIS and Claire Craig, physiotherapist, NHS Ayrshire and Arran

Date of live session: 3rd June 2020

Sharing good news and meaningful activity with people in hospital: “The Hospital Times”

Guest Presenter: Lynsey McKee, occupational therapist, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Date of live session: 4th June 2020

Supporting people to eat and drink well with dementia

Guest Presenter: Evelyn Newman. dietitian, NHS Highland

Date of live session: 5th June 2020