Supporting the wellbeing and mental health of yourself your team and others

This section provides resources to help best support the wellbeing and mental health of yourself, your team and others. It covers:

  • Supporting yourself and your team
  • AHP support and supervision
  • Additional resources
Supporting yourself and your team

The TURAS Learn site has a section called Psychosocial mental health and wellbeing support for staff. Within this resource the three key areas considered in terms of a psychosocial response to COVID-19 are: 

  • Looking after yourself: supporting resilience and wellbeing in health and social care workers. 

  • Looking after your staff/team: Responding to distress in frontline health-workers, advice for managers and organisations supporting health and social care workers. 

  • Looking after people: providing psychosocial support to patients and the public using Psychological First Aid. 

Learning resources available within this site include: 

  • COVID-19 Psychological first aid module to support anyone delivering effective Psychological First Aid (PFA). If you already have an account with Turas Learn, login and access the Psychological First Aid module. If you do not have an account, it is simple and free to register. A PowerPoint version of this module is also available.

  • Psychological distress and Coronavirus: advice for professionals providing support to people in self-isolation. 

  • Online CBT for stress, sleep problems and resilience programs.

  • A new digital wellbeing hub has been developed, which will enable staff, carers, volunteers and their families to access relevant support when they need it, and provides a range of self-care and wellbeing resources designed to aid resilience as the whole workforce responds to the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

  • Self help information on how to cope and look after yourself, and a self-care guide for staff looking after patients with Coronavirus.  

You may find it helpful to incorporate daily check in and check outs with staff, and ensure there is space during the day if people need time to be listened to, offered support and guidance.  

To be able to care for your patients, you must take care of yourself. HCPC provide a few tips and resources to help you do that: 

Additional resources
  • NHS inform guidance about COVID-19 including social distancing and stay at home advice. 

  • Effective reflective practice to support you to develop your reflective knowledge and skills.  

  • Every NHS board area has a Spiritual Care team who are trained to provide staff support by way of 1:1 listening and team support. They offer safe space and time for individuals to reflect on challenges or struggles they are facing. The can also provide Values Based Reflective Practice┬« sessions for any team to support them to reflect on their work experiences.