Working well together

This page will provide signposts to resources to help teams work together during COVID-19 with an emphasis on supporting and connecting teams.

Working well together

Effective teams:

As the manager and leader of a team, you will be used to communicating, supporting and building relationships with the people in your team and those you care for. In these extreme circumstances, in the context of COVID-19, you will have to use these skills in a fast-changing environment as Scotland’s health and care sector faces our biggest challenge to date: caring for people during the COVID-19 crisis.  

This learning resource will help you refresh your understanding, knowledge and skills, as a manager and leader, and give you confidence in the current crisis that you are doing the right thing and supporting others to do the same.  

This resource has been created in five sections to allow you to dip in and out of the resource in small bite sized pieces of learning. The final section is a list of references and further links that may be of interest in due course, however, you can refresh your knowledge and be confident that you are up to date in the four topic areas: 

1. Working collaboratively 

2. Preparing and sustaining yourself 

3. Supporting and sustaining your team 

4. Going home safely, protecting yourself and your family 

5. Tools, references and further links 

Effective Team-Working During the COVID-19 Crisis (Video): Michael West, Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology at Lancaster University Management School gives a short, five-minute introduction to effective teamwork during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Professional Buddying framework, guide and video for health and social care staff, hosted on RRHEAL Turas Learn Rural teams page

Delegation and decision making:

  • This learning resource looks at the different elements of delegation and how to do this safely and effectively. It includes videos of different practitioners talking through their experiences of delegation, which illustrate the points made in the resource. The content of the resource is based on All Wales delegation guidance.
  • The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists produced this paper exploring decision making for Health Care Support Workers, which provides information and  guidance.
  • Strong clinical decision making is essential in the delivery of safe, effective and person centred care, particularly during this time. This Effective Practitioner resource explores the  essential elements of the clinical decision process making process. 

Learning together:

How can leaders enable the development of a learning culture? Here, we share four tips for learning from the experiences of the first months of COVID-19.


  • The Project Lift site provides useful resources for our leaders, at all levels, across Scotland.
  • The King's Fund have produced a number of short videos on why leadership is important at this time and share guidance from the COVID-19 Trauma Response Working Group on responding to stress experienced by hospital staff working with COVID-19. 


This section on TURAS Learn COVID-19 has resources to allow you to consider key elements of communication

Supporting the wellbeing and mental health of yourself and your team:   

Visit the Supporting the wellbeing and mental health of yourself and your team for information on psychological first aid, supervision and other resources.