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This section holds resources that will allow you to consider key elements of communication 


Making delegation safe and effective

A learning resource that looks at the different elements of delegation and how to do this safely and effectively. It includes videos of different practitioners talking through their experiences of delegation which illustrate the points made in the resource. The content of the resource is based on All Wales delegation guidance.

Challenging Conversations

Supporting families around the resuscitation of an adult family member

This video aims to help prepare healthcare professionals to support and communicate with families at this difficult time. Please note that this video is designed to act as a guide to communication and the depictions of cardiopulmonary resuscitation used within it should not be considered instructional. 


This training video aims to enhance your awareness of the NHS Scotland Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACR) policy, its decision-making framework and some key communication issues

Discussing Dying

Discussing dying is our ethical and professional responsibility, however it may be challenging for practitioners. This 5 minute video supports practitioners to consider language and communication skills around this sensitive issue. 

Communication and End of Life Care

The below sections of this site are regularly updated

Includes an introduction to palliative care, end of life care for older people and communication.

Includes information about confirmation of death and communication around the time of death including delivering bad news by telephone.

Anticipatory Care Planning

Anticipatory Care Planning Toolkit – Let’s think ahead

This Health Improvement Scotland ihub resource is for health and care professionals who support individuals who would benefit from Anticipatory Care Planning (ACP); that is individual people thinking ahead and understanding their health. Planning ahead can help the individual be more in control and able to manage any changes in their health and wellbeing. Included are videos relating to ACP in different settings and how to use the ACP App.

Anticipatory Care Planning – Frequently Asked Questions

Scottish Government Fact Sheet which provides practical support and guidance on long term condition anticipatory care plans.

Benefits Advice

Benefits Advice Signposting

Scottish Government Coronavirus website which provides signposting to advice about benefits.

Support for people with communication needs

Augmented and Alternative Communication

Series of modules to support practice when working with people with communication needs 

Communication for people with sensory loss during the COVID-19 pandemic : advice for health and social care staff in Scotland

Guidance to help health and social care workers make the reasonable adjustments required when working with people with sensory loss, blind and /or deaf.

Coronavirus Communications Toolkit

NHS Inform have a range of resources to ensure that the people of Scotland receive the correct information in relation to coronavirus (COVID-19) including this toolkit explaining how people with communication differences can access our Coronavirus information in their preferred language or format - including audio, easy read and British Sign Language (BSL). These resources are regularly reviewed and updated.

Remote Working and Communication

Remote Working and Communication

Provides signposting and links to guidance on resources to support remote meetings, remote consultations and messaging Apps for your phone or tablet.