Psychosocial mental health and wellbeing support

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Key resources to support the mental health and wellbeing of you and your staff members. Includes sections on managing stress, coping and resilience.


The current COVID-19 pandemic will affect us all in different ways: physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically. Staff on the front line of health and social care services will experience varying levels of stress and distress at points. This is normal and predictable.

These pages have been collated to summarise the best available knowledge in this area at the current time with associated relevant links. It will be updated and added to on an ongoing basis.

As much as this is a stressful time, we also know that people faced with chronic stress and adversity will often show enormous fortitude and resilience in the face of immense pressure.

Learning Site

Psychosocial mental health and wellbeing support: Learning site

For resources and materials to support your mental health and wellbeing visit our dedicated learning site

On this site you will be able to access information on:

  •   Taking care of myself
  •   Taking care of my staff
  •   Taking care of others