Finding a Way Forward

Finding a Way Forward is a work stream that has been taken forward by the Service Reform Division within the Scottish Government’s Health Workforce, Leadership and Service Reform Directorate in support of work set out within the Health and Social Care Delivery Plan (December 2018), describing the requirement to redesign and transform the way health and social care is delivered if future population needs are to be met.


Service innovations are generated at local level regularly across health and social care services. While some may only have local applicability, others have the potential to spread and scale and deliver a significant impact on a wider scale. However, there often is not a pre-existing route for consideration for national testing and spread, and often a reliance on the drive and connections of individuals at local level to share the opportunities that these ideas offer.


The Finding a Way Forward work stream included assessment, in collaboration with the Scottish Health Technologies Group. of the viability for spread and scale up of the posters presented at the annual NHS Scotland Event 2018, the posters were a practical, high quality and evaluated source of information. Various groups are considering how we can build a more systematic approach to spread and scale up of innovation within health and social care. We offer our thoughts and efforts within this report, which we believe can form part of a wider solution.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s report by the Scottish Health Technologies Group can be found here.