PDA in Inhalation Sedation for Dental Nurses

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The Professional Development Award (PDA) in Inhalation Sedation for Dental Nurses at SCQF level 8 is for registered dental nurses and is evidence that a successful candidate has the appropriate knowledge, experience and expertise to work alongside the dentist/sedationist to offer advice, care and support to patients who require their treatment to be carried out under inhalation sedation.

Course Prospectus
Course Prospectus

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SQA Unit Specifications

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Course Recommended Reading

5th Edition Handbook of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation, Morris S. Clark and Ann L. Brunick, 2019: ISBN: 978-0323567428

Basic Guide to Dental Sedation Nursing, Nicola Rogers, 2020: ISBN: 9781119525776

Practical Conscious sedation, David Craig and Carole Boyle, 2017: ISBN: 9781786980052

Conscious Sedation for Dentistry, Girdler, Hill & Wilson, 2017: ISBN: 978-1-119-27450-6

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