Patient Safety Zone

Learning briefs

This series of learning briefings aims to provide an overview of the main issues, learning resources and educational interventions revolving around patient safety and quality improvement.  It is aimed at front-line practitioners and brings together various initiatives and peer reviewed research in a format that is suitable for practical use.

The individual learning units can be used as stand-alone resources (e.g. to learn more about specific patient safety tools), or they can be used in a group to obtain a comprehensive introduction to the patient safety education field.  


  1. Introduction to Patient Safety
  2. A Safety Checklist for Early GP Specialty Training
  3. Trigger Review of Electronic Patient Records in General Practice
  4. A Safety Checklist for General Practice
  5. A Safety Climate Questionnaire for Primary Care
  6. Enhancing the Effectiveness of Significant Event Analysis
  7. Safe Systems for Test Results Management


Patient Safety Learning Briefs