Local Access Collaboratives

Up to date information on Local Access Collaboratives can be found on this page.

The Effective Quality Interventions Pathways (EQuIP) Toolkit is now available and can be found here.

Please also join the 'Local Access Collaboratives' Knowledge Hub Group for additional information, to share best practice and network with other NHS Boards throughout Scotland.

Local Access Collaboratives (LAC) Connections Event 14th November

The purpose of this event was:

  • to share the current Access Collaborative endorsed challenges with Boards
  • to help Boards consider what they would find valuable to concentrate on for their area
  • to support boards to decide whether a Local Access Collaborative would be helpful
  • to understand how to make the best links to the Annual Operating Plan (AOP) process
  • to hear what other boards are doing to embed the access collaborative approach
  • to agree next steps. 

Presentations from the event can be viewed below.

1. Welcome and Introduction  - Kerry Russell and Katie Morris

2. Changing Practice

Active Clinical Referral Triage (ACRT)  - Lech Rymazewski and Katie Cuthbertson

Waiting List Validation - Michelle Thornton and Cathy Dunn

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) - David McDonald

3. Supporting the workforce - Juliette Murray and Lindsey Mitchell

Accelerating the Development of Enhanced Practitioners (ADEPt)

Team Service Planning

Flying Finish 

4.Supporting pathways

Effective Quality Interventions Pathways (EQuIP) - Colin McKay and Katie Morris

5. Supporting Technoloy

Virtual Attendance - Hazel Archer

Clinical Pathways Infrastructure - Justine Murray and Iain Wallace

6. Emerging Challenges

Results Plus - Kim Walker

7. Bringing it Together

8. The Scottish Design Approach - Alex Clarke

9. Learning from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde - Alan Hunter and Sharon Parrot

10. Learning from NHS Lothian - Chris Stohart and Sheena Walter

11. Readiness for change: setting up for succes