This short resource is for AHP staff who work with people of working age (and who don’t work in specialised work rehab related practice). It's designed to support AHP staff to have good conversations about health, wellbeing and work and to see this as a vital part of their role. There’s lots of good practice already happening and we want to support more of it.

Learning resource

This resource will assist AHPs in:

  • raising awareness that having conversations about work (with working age people) is something all AHP staff, in all settings, are able to do
  • increasing knowledge about the important relationship between work, health and wellbeing
  • developing and sharing skills/ideas which support AHP staff to have good conversations about work, health and wellbeing.

AHP staff will be more confident and comfortable in initiating work conversations with the people they offer a service to and that ultimately, this will contribute to better long-term work, health and wellbeing outcomes for people.

Access the Resource:
Work Matters: supporting people with work related goals


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