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Scottish Improvement Foundation Skills

All people working in the public sector across Scotland have ideas that can improve the way things are done in their own workplace. Staff working at foundation level will be functioning as part of a team to improve service delivery in their own workplace. Foundation learning resources introduce staff to widely used improvement methods to help support them achieve the outcome they are aiming for. 


Many thanks for your interest in the programme. All cohorts are now FULL. Please click here to register your interest for future cohorts.

NES is delivering a new virtual Quality Improvement development programme called Scottish Improvement Foundation Skills (SIFS).


What is Scottish Improvement Foundation Skills?

The aim of SIFS is to support individuals to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to participate as members of improvement teams and contribute to testing, measuring and reporting on changes made.


Who is Scottish Improvement Foundation Skills for?

TThe programme is aimed at all staff working in Public Services including people working in Health and Social Care, the third/ voluntary sector, Person Centred Care Programmes and Integrated Services, The Children and Young People Improvement Collaborative (CYPIC) and the Scottish Government and Executive Agencies who are or will be members of teams undertaking quality improvement initiatives.


How is Scottish Improvement Foundation Skills delivered?

This is a programme of 7 sessions delivered entirely in a virtual learning environment. Each virtual session will last for 90 minutes and participants will spend a further 90 minutes each week on their practical project.


To successfully complete the Scottish Improvement Foundation Skills Programme, it is expected that you will:

• Attend and actively participate in all 7 virtual learning events

• Share your project progress using the templates provided during the programme


Participants must be able to commit to all session dates and have the full support of their line manager.


Additional information about the SIFS programme is included in the promotional flyer.


We recognise that the demand for places is likely to exceed availability and will share further dates once available.


Should you have any questions, please contact a member of the Quality Improvement Team at qualityimprovement@nes.scot.nhs.uk or on 0131 656 3456