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Dental Vocational Training

Welcome to Dental Vocational Training

"NHS Education for Scotland take newly qualified practitioners, and support their progression to the level where they can practice safe and independent patient care."


Calum Cassie

Associate Postgraduate Dental Dean 

VT Assessment Deadline Dates


Please see below Assessment Dates for DVT

Useful contacts in Dental Vocational Training


Postgraduate Dental Dean - Prof David Felix
Associate Postgraduate Dental Dean - Calum Cassie  
Assistant Postgraduate Deans -

Business Support

Business Manager Melodye Rennie
Senior Administrative Officer Joanne Linklater

Regional VT Support - 

Dental Assessment Unit (DAU)

The DAU deals with all assessment queries and administers Turas Training Portfolio.

DAU Team

Senior Admin Officer Amanda Dean

Admin Officer Gavin McMillan

START Programme

START Co-ordinator, and Specialist Lead:  Kirsty McPherson
START Administrator:   Janice Cairns

Determination X

All Determination X applications and queries should be sent to:

Trainee and Trainer Recruitment

All enquiries regarding Trainee and Trainer Recruitment should be sent to: