Integration of Health and Social Care

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There are 31 Intregration Authorities across Scotland working with local communities to provide care that focusses on anticipatory and preventative care taking pressure off the Hospital system. 

This page has a range of helpful documents from Audit Scotland and the Scottish Govenment to aid if your understanding of the Integrated Joint Board landscape. There is currently work on developing new resources for IJB members to assist in navigating this landscape.  

Introduction to Integration

This video introduces the vision for integrated health & social care services under the Public Bodies Act 2014

This will help Board members to understand what is expected and enable them to fulfil their roles as members of local integration authorities. It has been developed in partnership by the Scottish Government, the Improvement Service and NHS Education for Scotland.

Introduction to Integration online session (90 mins)

These sessions are restricted to Integration Authority Board Members only If you are an existing or a new IJB member, you are invited to join a “live” online interactive session where you will join other IJB members across the country to explore the key points covered in the Introduction to Integration videos and share your local experiences of integration.  The intention is to leave the session with a clear idea about how to take up your role and enable the integration of health and social care services for your local population. Prior to the session, please watch the Introduction to Integration video above to be fully prepared for the session. Email us to sign up for the session.

Equality in Integration

Bill Stevenson, a senior associate with the Ethical Standards Commission, explains the role of the Commission across Scotland and the wider UK.

Bill explains the specific duties in Scotland and how these help organisations perform on their equality duties and the needs they are underpinned by.

Bill explains why equality is central to the work you will do, and why, you must consider equality when you are carrying out your role.

Bill explains why equality is relevant to integration, and outlines what protected characteristics are and their importance in integration.

Bill explains the importance of the 1993 public sector equality duty and the obligations organisations have to positively promote equality.

Bill talks about what these requirements mean in practice and how do you as a Board member put these into practice and make this a reality.  

Improvement Service

The Improvement Service is the national improvement organisation for local government in Scotland. 

Their purpose is to help councils and their partners to improve the health, quality of life and opportunities of all people in Scotland through community leadership, strong local governance and the delivery of high quality, efficient local services. 

For further information visit Improvement Service website or contact them via email or call 01506 252 012

National Care Service

The Scottish Government commissioned an Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland.  The aim of the review was to recommend improvements to adult social care in Scotland.  The Independent Review concluded at the end of January 2021 the Scottish Government has accepted the findings in the report, and is already working to implement key recommendations. 

This film was produced for the independent review of adult social care.

Independent review of adult social care recommended the establishment of a National Care Service for Scotland. Following in-depth consultation, the Scottish Government has introduced the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill to create a national care service for Scotland.