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Induction for new Non-executive Board members marries national induction with local orientation.  Your NHS Board Chair and Board Secretary will provide you will the plan for local orientation to your Board. 

NHSScotland Induction Approach

The Induction Approach sets out a standard approach to induction, which can then be tailored locally to meet the different needs of Boards and individual Non-Executive Directors.

For Chairs, it serves as a guide to what the Board should be providing new Non-Executive Directors and for Non-Executive Directors, what they can expect from their induction programme.

For further information please contact your local Board Secretary. 

In 2019 the Scottish Government in collaboration with NHS Education Scotland updated the NHSScotland approach to induction. It now has 3 key areas as demonstrated below

Induction Approach Diagram
Online National Induction Sessions

National induction complements and extends your local induction and should be completed within first 6 months.  National induction involves participating in two online interactive sessions for new NHS Non-executives and participation in the On-Board workshop for all new public appointments. This approach aims to enable new board members to demonstrate comfort and confidence within 6 months. 

All New Non-executives should aim to complete this within the first 6 months in post.

Click here to sign up to the 2022/23 sessions.

Orientation, Policy & Governance

  • 23rd May 2022 15.00
  • 22nd August 2022 15.00
  • 1st November 2022 15.00
  • 24 January 2023 15.00
Picture of Guidance tool and header with overview and orientation
Sign post picture showing direction to Quality Culture and Values

Quality, Culture & Values

  • 8th June 2022 15.00
  • 24th August 2022 15.00
  • 31st October 2022 15.00
  • 17 January 2023 15.00
Welcome On Board: an induction workshop for Ministerial appointees

On Board induction workshop

The Public Appointments team at the Scottish Government provide an On Board induction workshop for newly appointed board members. This workshop builds on the induction process you receive in your local board. The workshops highlight Scottish Ministers' expectations and provides the opportunity to network with other newly appointed board members.

Each workshop features speakers including a Scottish Minister, a representative from the office of the Ethical Standards Commissioner, and a representative from Audit Scotland.

The workshops are run up to three times a year, ensuring that every newly appointed board members has the opportunity to participate within six months of their appointment start date.

Sessions for 2021

  • Wednesday 2nd June 2021
  • Wednesday 22nd September 2021
  • Wednesday 17th November 2021

To sign up or for more information, contact your Board Secretary or Robert Boyter of the Public Appointments Team at

The Governance Hub is an interactive online learning portal designed to deliver clear consistent training and messages. The Hub also consists of online peer to peer forums which will provide a new secure means of sharing, learning, good practice and networking amongst Board members.

The module “Board Induction” launched in 2019 is designed to support the induction of public body Board members on the topics of membership and governance. This is intended to complement existing learning and development conducted by public bodies.

For further information please contact the Scottish Governments Public Bodies Unit

6 Month Appraisal & Values Based Reflective Practice

As a part of your induction there will be a 6 months Appraisal with the Chair of your Board to gage your journey into your role and pin point key areas that are going well and others that have improvement opportunities.

Use the Values Based Reflective tool to capture your reflections from meetings and visits throughout your induction.  This will “enable” you to consider the values and manner your Board delivers quality services and help you determine the actions and behaviours you want to leverage in your style

For further information on Values Based Reflective Practise visit the Knowledge Network for further details.

Government Induction Resources

Resources for new board members

New members of public body boards may wish to familiarise themselves with the following documents, some of these are currently underreview however still contain relevant information to non-executives.