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Welcome to Board Development!

The Board Development Team have created this site as a 'go to' for learning and development resources for NHS Board members. Here you will find information, guidance and resources to help you in your role and fulfil your governance responsibilities.  

Board Development

The Board Development team at NHS Education for Scotland is a national support to all NHS Boards. Its purpose is to help prepare and support non-executive Board members and NHS Board Chairs to discharge their corporate governance responsibilities.

Board Development does this by producing a flexible package of development particularly focussing on governance, leadership and quality improvement.

The Team work closely with Scottish Government and The Ethical Standards Commissioner to create learning material and opporutinites for Board Members. Best practice examples can be found throughout this learning site and on The Ethical Standards website.

Board Development Newsletter

Keep up-to-date with all things Board Development with our newsletter where you will find out more about our programmes, resources and events.

We collaborate with Teams across NHS Education for Scotland to share learning and development opportunities available for Board members.

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For further support with Board Development, email us at

The resources on this site may be made available, in full or summary form, in alternative formats and community languages. Email to discuss how they can best meet your requirements.