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Welcome to the NHS Scotland Board Development site.

This is NHS Board members “go to” place for learning and development. Please log in to see our full body of resources as some of the material is not avaliable unless logged in e.g. our e-Learning modules.

Our Purpose
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The role of board development is to provide high calibre training and development to boards and individual members to fulfil their governance responsibilities.  

We provide contemporary and topical subject matters, tailored to the needs of new and established board members. This enables them to continuously enhance their skills and become adept in their role, to assure high quality health services for the people of Scotland.

What is Board Development?

This development area is endorsed by the Scottish Government and NHS Chairs Group taking account of national reports on Board governance and effectiveness, evidence from literature  and personal accounts of newly appointed and established Non-Executive Board Members and Chairs.  

Key to this is the Scottish Government’s Blueprint for Good Governance, Audit Scotlands reports on the Role of Boards and the NHS in Scotland report. Each of these outline areas of focus for Boards and opportunities for growth and development. 

Board Development Navigation

The below diagram shows the pages contained within the Board Development Site and where to find them.

A flow chart showing the different pages on the Board Development site and how to access them
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