Welcome to the NHSScotland Board Development site.

The learning material and resources available here are to help prepare and sustain NHSScotland Non-Executive Board members and Board Chairs to effectively govern the quality and performance of the delivery of health and social care service to the people of Scotland.

New materials and learning modules will be updated regularly and we welcome your feedback on the materials or when using this site. 

If you have any questions or issues please contact the Board Development Team at NHS Education for Scotland or answer this short evaluation questionaire

What is Board Development?

This development area is endorsed by the Scottish Government and NHS Chairs Group taking account of national reports on Board governance and effectiveness, evidence from literature  and personal accounts of newly appointed and established Non-Executive Board Members and Chairs.  

Key to this is the Scottish Government’s Blueprint for Good Governance and Audit Scotlands reports on the Role of Boards and NHS in Scotland report. Each of these outline areas of focus for Boards and opportunities for growth and development. 


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