HN Unit: Decontamination of Reusable Instruments

This Unit will enable all candidates to develop the knowledge and skills required to recognise the importance of decontamination in preventing the spread of infection.

It is suitable for staff undertaking decontamination activities or those supervising decontamination activity within their workplace. It is relevant for those with the SVQ/PDA in Dental Nursing or the PDA in Oral Health Care: Dental Managers or LDU Operators to allow them to build on their existing knowledge of decontamination.

Candidates will be required to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to ensure reusable instruments are safely and effectively decontaminated in accordance with national guidance for local decontamination.


On successful completion of the Unit participants will be able to:

1. Explain the importance of decontamination in preventing the spread of infection.

2. Explain the principles and elements in the decontamination life cycle of re-usable instruments.

3. Explain the requirements for compliance in relation to current local decontamination guidance.

4. Process instruments successfully through the key stages of local decontamination.

Course Delivery

The course is delivered at NES Centres across Scotland and comprises of 2 days theory followed by a half-day assessed practical demonstration using either the Centre’s LDU or the LDU facilities at the candidate’s workplace

Unit assessment

Outcomes 1 & 2 are assessed through completion of open book questions.

Outcomes 2 & 3 are assessed through completion of LDU review, action plan and completion of report for candidates own LDU facility.

Outcome 4 is assessed by the candidate undertaking a practical demonstration instrument decontamination.

Please visit the NES Portal for further information on course venues, dates and costs.