Culture of accountability : what does this really look like?

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Keast, Alison

Who is this intended for? If you are a manager or leader looking to develop your skills in creating a culture of accountability, this webinar is for you. What is the intention of this webinar? Creating a culture of accountability can be tough. It sounds empowering, but often when we challenge someone on missed deadlines, poor performance or bad behaviour, we are met with resistance and defensiveness, leading to unresolved issues. We will share some of the skills needed for creating a culture of effective accountability in your area during this free 1-hour webinar. What will you get out of the session? An understanding what it looks like when there is a lack of accountability, and why this is a problem; how to effectively diagnose why gaps in performance exist; and how to use a step-by-step methodology for holding others accountable.

Published: 05/04/2017

Type: Webinar

Format: HTML

Audience: General audience