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Self-leadership means recognising, exercising and improving your own leadership.

Bryant and Kazan (2012) define self-leadership as someone having a developed sense of who they are, what they can do and where they are going. Coupled with this is the ability to influence communication, emotions, and behaviours.

So, self-leadership is about you, and your qualities - and your willingness to examine and change these.

The leadership qualities relating to self-leadership are:

  • Demonstrating and adapting leadership
  • Improving own leadership
  • Enabling intelligent risk-taking
  • Demonstrating and promoting resilience
  • Challenging discrimination and inequality
  • Who is this intended for? Middle or Senior Managers who are driven to develop as leaders while, being catalysts for shaping a positive and engaging work environment. What is the intention of the series? The series will explore different elements...

  • During this webinar we explore the benefits of developing self-awareness; how to capitalise on your strengths and squash your gremlins; and provide you with ways to deepen your understanding of yourself.

  • In this webinar we will explore so-called vertical development and its focus on the developing our capacity to expand how we think. You will be introduced to seven stages in adult development called action-logics. Each embraces more complex means...

  • What will you get from this webinar? Some thoughts on what self-care and self-coaching mean; an opportunity for you to reflect on coaching and the strengths and limitations of coaching; some simple coaching strategies to apply to your own...

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