Team Service Planning

Team Service Planning endorsed challenge

Challenge Overview

Matching service demand to workforce capacity, including development and use of annualised session agreements, split between fixed and flexible, as a basis for service planning, and understanding delivered capacity, and the annual service footprint for the whole team.

When Service Planning is based on a fixed weekly template then it is difficult to recover sessions lost to the service for ad hoc commitments and limited flexibility for the workforce, both for professional and personal reasons.  When this capacity is lost to the service the entire team are likely to be working in a reactive backlog situation which is stressful and does not support the team to add value in planning for the future, and implement new developments in the service.

Planned Outcomes

  • Team Service Planning toolkit developed
  • Team Service Planning approach available / implemented across NHS Scotland

Key Milestones

  • Completion of first version Team Service Planning toolkit
  • Ten pilots underway by end June 2019

Strategic Links

  • National Human Resource Directors Group
  • SG Workforce
  • Management Steering Group
  • NES
  • Scottish Radiology Transformation Programme
  • NSS National E-rostering Project
  • NHS Improvement England 
  • BMA

Challenge Quantifiable Results

NHS Lanarkshire undertook Team Service Planning in their Breast Service. With only four out of six consultants in post they have reduced their new referral appointment waits to 7-10 days, repatriated Plastics  Service from a neighbouring Board and are sustainably seeing 7000  new referrals a year without any additional external capacity.

Delivery Leads

Lindsey Mitchell, Programme Lead, Scottish Access Collaborative and Juliette Murray, Clinical Lead


Please see here for the latest version of the Team Service Planning Toolkit to aid implementation within your Board.  Note that the Toolkit is a live document which will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.


Team Service Planning Webex - Thursday 28th May, 12.30pm-1.30pm

The presentation from the webex can be viewed here

This was the second in a series of webex workshops to support Board recovery and renewal.

The Workshop focussed on how to implement and use the Team Service Planning toolkit within your service.