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Assessment Methods

The assessment system comprises four different methods of assessment which have been designed to complement each other in identifying levels of performance and progress throughout training. The system focuses on continuous assessment with no end of year exam. The four assessment tools used to gather data are outlined in this section. 

Evidence gathered from each of the assessments will contribute to your assessment portfolio which will be considered at the end of training for a decision regarding Satisfactory Completion of Training


Turas Portfolio is NHS Education for Scotland's (NES) e-portfolio application for trainees undertaking training within Scotland. Portfolio has been designed to allow you to record and share your learning, reflection and achievements as part of your career journey in the NHS in Scotland.

To access your Turas portfolio, please navigate to:

We hope you will find Turas Portfolio a intuitive system to operate, but if you ever get stuck or have any questions you can access a user-guide below

If you require technical support you can contact the Turas helpdesk by using the 'Helpdesk' button on the right-hand side of any Turas page.

Turas Portfolio Guidance

Please see below guidance for help navigating through Turas training Portfolio.

Turas Portfolio user guide -  This provides you will a full user guide of all functions of the VT Portfolio for trainees including screenshots.
Getting started with Turas Portfolio - This provides an overview of the requirements in the first two weeks of training inc. ITA and CEC.
Turas Training Portfolio grid- This provides details of who does what and when, including the location of each form.

Contact Information

Dental Assessment Unit (DAU)

The DAU deals will all assessment queries, issues with logging into the Turas platform and any issues withTuras Training Portfolio.

DAU Team  Gavin McMillan

2020-22 Assessment Deadlines

Please download the assessment deadlines below as required.