Trainee Induction

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Welcome to the Vocational Trainee Induction page.  Please watch the videos on this page and read the documents as part of your Induction to Vocational Training.


What is VT all about?
News Report // Our VT Business support team have information for you



Key points to take away:

  • Content Relating to VT on Turas Learn
  • Trainer/Trainee Contract
  • NESD1
  • Travel & Subsistence
  • Absence Monitroring
  • COVID 19 Update
  • Dental Education Centres


Essential Guidance


In VT we have essential guidance that will help you throughout your training year. 

In particular when attending study days and what to do when you are absent from practice.



The HR Stuff

Information from our NES Hub that instructs you on things like :

  • Being absent from work - How to report it.
  • Contacting payroll 
  • Update your home address
  • Tell us you are having a baby
  • Access to HR Policies 
VT Induction - James Boyle Presentation

Assessment and Satisfactory Completion in Vocational Training

(What we look for, and where it all leads)

Clinical Skills Facility

Please watch our short video describing what to do when using the clinical skills area

VT Assessment

The assessment system is performance-based and has been specifically developed to drive training and help trainees reach the expected standard of competence at the end of DVT.  A number of different assessment tools are used to assess trainees across the full range of competencies for this training. You should review the below documents prior to your induction day:

Full assessment information and guidance can be found here

Please view this important video on LEPs before completing any in practice.