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Audit, SEA and other quality improvement resources

Resources available for Quality Improvement, Audit and Significant Event (Learning) Analysis

Audit, SEA and other Quality Improvement Resources

Ensuring patients receive care that is safe and of high quality is an essential part of modern healthcare. The Safety and Improvement team at NES have developed or promoted a number of evidence-based Quality Improvement (QI) methods that can help practitioners to assess and improve the care they provide. This page includes links to some resources that we hope you will find helpful.

  • Quality Improvement in Primary Care Booklet: What to do and how to do it.
    • This provides a brief description of ten improvement methods and a worked example of each. It also contains some top tips to help you perform robust QI projects and some ideas for QI. 
  • Report forms for writing up your QI projects.
    • SEA 
    • Criterion based audit 
    • Trigger tool review method 


  • Quality improvement in primary care : what to do and how to do it ( Download, 2 MB)
  • Significant event (learning) analysis : report form ( Download, 64 KB)
  • Standard audit report form ( Download, 2 MB)
  • Trigger Tool review method report form ( Download, 307 KB)
Peer review of QI

The aim of the peer review process is to allow you to affirm that your improvement project meets professional expectation and to provide developmental feedback to support and enhance your learning. The peer review team are GPs who undergo regular training and use a validated instrument that directs them to consider good aspects of the project and to highlight areas of potential learning and improvement not considered in the submitted report.

The framework that they use to peer review projects are:

  • SEA
  • Criterion based audit: {link to criterion based audit peer review tool}

A framework for peer reviewing generic QI projects (such as prescribing projects, Model for Improvement/PDSA and trigger tool review method) is under development and will appear here shortly.


  • Significant event (learning) analysis : peer review feedback instrument ( Download, 2 MB)
Other resources

The NES Safety and Improvement team have worked with trainers in the West of Scotland to update the GP trainee safety checklist. This contains safety critical areas that should be understood by trainees early in their GP placement and it hoped it is useful as part of induction and to direct future learning.

Further online resources can be found at the {NES safety zone and NES QI zone}